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Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.

Sep 29, 2014

This episode focuses on stories that came out of our fraternities and residence halls, featuring interviews from the following alumni: Joe Higgs '79, Russell Pollard '69, Jack Clarke '69, John A. Burrell '69, Dennis Stokes '69, Rex Henthorn '59, Val Harris '64, Stewart Ellis '64. (Episode 21)

Sep 22, 2014

This episode centers on involvement in extracurricular activities throughout the years, featuring interviews with Josh Patty '99, Al Wright '50, John Sowers '99, Vince Buzard '64, Taimur Baig '94, Jason Hand '94, Chris Rowland '94, Tom Welch '94, Matt Zimmerman '94, Ron Nichols '69, Jim McDaniel '74, Skip Lindeman '64,...

Sep 15, 2014

This episode looks at immersion learing through the college with interviews from the following alumni: Dennis Stokes '69, Steve Fox '69, Steve Sallot '69, Taimur Baig '94. (Episode 19)

Sep 8, 2014

The final episode in a three part series detailing the Wabash faculty through the years, and featuring interviews with the following alumni: John Tweedle '64, Bill Robbins '64, Bob M. Shearer '69, Rex Henthorn '59, Moe Brand '57. (Episode 18)

Sep 1, 2014

The second in a three part series detailing Wabash faculty through the years with interviews from the following alumni: Stan Matheny '56, Al Wright '50, David Petering '64, Josh Patty '99. (Episode 17)