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Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.

Jan 28, 2019

This week, Rich sits down with the head coach of the lacrosse team at Wabash College, Timothy O’Shea, discussing what lacrosse looks like at the college level (Episode 224).

Jan 22, 2019

Rich sits down with the three Wabash winners of the Gilman International Scholarship, encouraging study abroad in underrepresented locations and languages for first-generation college students. Among other things, they discuss their excitement, hopes and fears, their doubts during application, and the positive impact of...

Jan 14, 2019

For this special episode of Wabash On My Mind, four seniors were interviewed before and after their comprehensive exams. Each of them describes the experience to Rich of preparing for the written and oral exams, sharing their hopes, fears, and favorite horror stories (Episode 222).

Jan 7, 2019

Rich sits down with professor Bobby Horton and Abe Wade ’22 to discuss the Freshman Tutorial in which they both participate: Using Failure to Find Your Happy Place. The pair discuss the difference between a setback and failure, the tension of growth mindset in win-loss sports, and how Macbeth serves as a misguided...