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Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.

Sep 30, 2019

Rich sits down with director Michael Abbott and members of the cast of the upcoming Wabash Theater production of Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues. They discuss how their roles have challenged them, the ethereal nature of theater, and how to prepare for the opening curtain (Episode 250).

Sep 24, 2019

Rich sits down with Dr. James Makubuya ahead of the 40th LaFollette Lecture, the first to feature a member of the music department. They discuss his experiences playing in Carnegie Hall, nineteen years of Wamidan, and learning another culture through its instruments (Episode 249).

Sep 16, 2019

Rich sits down with Dr. Wally Novak and research student Joe Kaefer ’22 to review the professor’s recent co-authorship and creation of a new protein. The three discuss gene testing “in silico,” working as a student-mentor team, and how research is like golf (Episode 248).

Sep 9, 2019

Rich sits down with head coach Tyler McCreary entering his 2nd season with the Wabash Redpack. Tyler discusses the daily choices inherent to success in the sport, coaching alongside Clyde Morgan, and who to look for in this year’s team (Episode 247).

Sep 3, 2019

On the road in Nashville, TN, Rich sits down with songwriter Gary Reamey ’77 in his studio offices on Music Row. Gary discusses the differences between personal and commercial songwriting, what it’s like to play a guitar, and his investments in making grown men cry (Episode 246).

Feat. Co-Host Steve Charles H’70