Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.

This episode is a recording of the first panel of the day entitled Leadership. The panel was chaired by Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, President of Mills College; and consisted of Stephen L. Ferguson, Chairman of Cook Group Incorporated; Lee Hamilton, Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University and Former United States Congressman; and Gregory Hess, President of Wabash College. The panel discussion centered around the question: How did each panelist benefit from the liberal arts for developing leadership skills and how would each change liberal arts education to make it more effective. (Episode 33)

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Dr. Wetzel discusses his interests in biology, the intracies and impacts of immersion trips and the Global Health Initiative. (Episode 32)

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A biology major, Jovanovich discusses his Wabash experience, his professional career in Asia and his humanitarian and philanthropic efforts in the region. (Episode 31)

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Noted attorney David Kendall '66 talks of defending the First Amendment, his law career, his time at Wabash, and the Freedom Summer of 1964. (Episode 30)

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Associate Professor of Chemestry, Dr. Laura Wysocki, sits down with host Richard Paige to discuss the joys of the laboratory as well as her proximity to the Nobel Prize! (Episode 29)

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Dan Rogers, professor of Spanish, talks of his interest in Mexican culture, the Spanish language, the liberal arts classroom, immersion learning, and even music. (Episode 28)

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College Archivist Beth Swift chats with Butler, professor emeritus of political science, about her experience teaching at Wabash College. (Episode 27)

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Todd McDorman joins host Richard Paige to discusses his new position as Associate Dean of the College and his work in the rhetoric department. (Episode 26)

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Director Michael Abbott and cast members Pierce Velderman '15, Jared Cottingham '18, and Patrick Kvachkoff '15, of Wabash College's 'Guys and Dolls' theatre production discuss the production. 'Guys & Dolls' premiered on November 5, 2014.  (Episode 25)

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President Hess took part in a wide-ranging conversation on all things Wabash. (Episode 24)

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Wabash Magazine Editor Steve Charles sits down with Sterling Carter '07 to discuss his work in democracy, governance, conflict, and human rights with a focus on Africa, including nearly four years experience in conflict-prone states in Africa. (Episode 23)

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Features interviews from the following alumni: Caleb Mast '09, Matt Zimmerman '94, Jesus Campos '04, Bill Barnett '64, Vince Buzard '64, Dudley Burgess '64, Steve Sallot '69, John A. Burrell '69, Al Wright '50. (Episode 22)

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This episode focuses on stories that came out of our fraternities and residence halls, featuring interviews from the following alumni: Joe Higgs '79, Russell Pollard '69, Jack Clarke '69, John A. Burrell '69, Dennis Stokes '69, Rex Henthorn '59, Val Harris '64, Stewart Ellis '64. (Episode 21)

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This episode centers on involvement in extracurricular activities throughout the years, featuring interviews with Josh Patty '99, Al Wright '50, John Sowers '99, Vince Buzard '64, Taimur Baig '94, Jason Hand '94, Chris Rowland '94, Tom Welch '94, Matt Zimmerman '94, Ron Nichols '69, Jim McDaniel '74, Skip Lindeman '64, Bob Sehr '64. (Episode 20)

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This episode looks at immersion learing through the college with interviews from the following alumni: Dennis Stokes '69, Steve Fox '69, Steve Sallot '69, Taimur Baig '94. (Episode 19)

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The final episode in a three part series detailing the Wabash faculty through the years, and featuring interviews with the following alumni: John Tweedle '64, Bill Robbins '64, Bob M. Shearer '69, Rex Henthorn '59, Moe Brand '57. (Episode 18)

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The second in a three part series detailing Wabash faculty through the years with interviews from the following alumni: Stan Matheny '56, Al Wright '50, David Petering '64, Josh Patty '99. (Episode 17)

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First in a three part series detailing the Wabash faculty through the years, featuring interviews with Josh Patty '99, David Petering '69, Bill Robbins '64, Jack Clarke '69, John A Burrell '69, Rex Henthorn '59, Vince Buzard '64, Skip Lindeman '64, Al Wright '50, Caleb Mast '09, John Sowers '99. (Episode 16)

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This Scarlet Yarns episode focuses on man's best friend roaming the Wabash camups with interviews from the following alumni: Jack Clarke '69, Ron Nichols '69. (Episode 15)

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#14: Wabash Tradition (Scarlet Yarns 2014)

Wabash traditions are spotlighted in this 2014 Scarlet Yarns snippet, ranging from the extinct to the newly emerging, with interviews from the following alumni: John A. Burrell '69, Bob M. Shearer '69, Dudley Burgess '64, John Tweedle '64, Dennis Stokes '64, Jim Durham '64. (Episode 14)

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This episode, the first track from the 2014 Scarlet Yarns, remembers Norman Moore, Dean of Students from 1958-84. It features interviews with the following alumni: Bill Barnett '64, Jack Clarke '69, Bob M. Shearer '69, Jim McDaniel '74, Jim Millican '64, Dennis Stokes '69, Bill Robbins '64. (Episode 13)

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Prof. Warner teaches courses in Latin American, African, and World History. His research has focused on the indigenous history of Mexico, Latin American religious history and more recently, the global history of food. Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Warner worked as a professional chef for a decade in California. He talks of his influences, how he sees the Wabash experience, and shares his thoughts on winning the McLain-McTurnan-Arnold Award. (Episode 12)

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Kim King '99 earned a Masters of Divinity from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. He served in various leadership roles in AME congregations in both Atlanta and Chicago, but left pastoral ministry in 2006 to work in higher education. He was first hired at Wabash as the Assistant Director of Admissions in 2008, but left to direct the Office of Admissions at the Chicago Theological Seminary in May of 2011. He returned to Wabash and is currently the Associate Director of Admissions. (Episode 11)

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Coach Johnson spent 37 seasons in charge of the Wabash harriers.   A native of Englewood, New Jersey, Johnson was a track and football standout in high school and later attended the University of Idaho, where he graduated in 1965. Johnson was the 1962 Northwest AAU champion in the 440 and was a finalist at the 1963 NCAA Championships in the 220. He earned his master's in education from Purdue in 1974. (Episode 10)

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Lexie Hoerl joined the Wabash faculty in 2009. Her primary responsibility is to teach political theory, but she also teaches courses in American government.  She has involved Wabash students in her own research and supervised them as they conduct their own. Hoerl enjoys being an active participant in Wabash campus life and can be seen at plays, concerts, guest lectures and sporting events of all sorts.  Hoerl also serves as faculty sponsor of the Cigar and Pipe Club and Wabash's chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society. (Episode 9)

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#8: Jamie Watson

Retiring Associate Director of Admissions Jamie Watson sits down with Wabash College Archivist Beth Swift for a fascinating conversation ranging from her history as an actress to the life of a woman on the Wabash campus. (Episode 8)

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Warren Rosenberg came to Wabash College in 1980. He teaches courses in American literature, film, gender and men’s studies, and ethnic American literature, specifically African American and Jewish literatures. He has published articles on Herman Melville, Henry James, Toni Morrison, and Michael Chabon, among others. (Episode 7)

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Prof. Blix, ’70, has been teaching at Wabash since 1996. (Previously he did a few warm-up stints at the College in the early 1990s). At one time or another, he’s taught most courses in the department, but he principally teaches world religions. (Episode 6)

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Amidon has helped lead the college in a variety of roles over the past 27 years. Most recently, he is the President’s Chief of Staff.  Greatly humble and thankful for the opportunities that Wabash has afforded him, he reflects on the changes of Wabash, the future of changing from “A” to “The” and offers a tremendously insightful narrative about the fame of her honored name. (Episode 5)

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Dr. Herzog now finds himself retired, having just completed 37 years of teaching in the English Department at Wabash—a job that he thoroughly enjoyed because of the Wabash traditions, the liberal arts curriculum, and most of all the students. Here are his thoughts on each. (Episode 4)

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Recently inaugurated President Gregory D. Hess sits down with Chet Turnbough '14.  As the 16th president of Wabash, Dr. Hess comes to us at a pivotal time in Wabash history.  A professional economist and academic, Dr. Hess discusses his life choices surrounding his decision to study economics, as well as his interest in the humanities.  He explains what the ‘Simple Gifts’ really are, and we dive into some wonderful conversation about the role of the liberal arts for men, Wabash’s unique position as an all-male college, and we discuss some of Dr. Hess’s lesser-known stories. (Episode 1)

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Wabash Track and Field coach Clyde Morgan has enjoyed tremendous success during his tenure at Wabash, bringing a determined, positive mindset and go-getter mentality to Little Giant athletics.  In this episode we discuss the importance of the Wabash Family, being able to laugh at yourself, and maintaining confidence and a positive attitude. (Episode 3)

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Rob Shook '83 sits down with Admiral Bobby R. Inman for a conversation on the liberal arts and Inman's unique and fascinating background.  Inman served as Director of Naval Intelligence, Director of the National Security Agency, and the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. Inman has been influential in various advisory roles, notably chairing a commission on improving security at U.S. foreign installations. (Episode 2)

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