Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.

Rich sits down with Professor Robert Foote, retiring after teaching 27 years of Mathematics and Computer Science to Wabash students. Robert speaks about using his brain differently, proving what’s impossible, and the joy of the burl (Episode 152). 

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Rich sits down with four senior track and field athletes after their team victory as Outdoor Conference Champions, discussing the importance of getting your point and telling stories about Coach Morgan (Episode 151). 

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Rich sits down with Stephen Batchelder '15 to talk about his experience teaching science with a liberal arts degree and poetry (Episode 150).

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Rich sits down with this year’s commencement speakers Adam Burtner and Bilal Jawed, discussing their responsibility to the Wabash community as representatives of the Class of 2017 (Episode 149).

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Rich sits down with four senior art majors to discuss their upcoming exhibition of work prior to graduation, involving coffee stains, critique, and glass aquariums (Episode 148). 

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