Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.

For our first over-the-phone episode, Rich spoke with Guy Kinman ’40, discussing his Wabash memories, his time serving as a military chaplain, and his LGBT activism in and around Richmond, VA (Episode 130).

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This week, Rich sits down with students from the Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse initiative, discussing the positive impacts that deliberation can have within communities that embrace the practice (Episode 129).

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This week, Rich sits down with REL290 students, who traveled to Israel over Thanksgiving Break. Students Aaron Becker ’17, Anthony Douglas ’17, Cameron Glaze ’17, Tim Riley ’18, James Suess ’17 reflect on their shared experiences abroad (Episode 128).

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This week, Rich sits down with returning alumnus Steven Jones, discussing the balance between his two roles, mentorship as the highest honor, and his profound love of cars (Episode 127).

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